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Simon Transparently Podcast features transparent conversations with the intention to support, inspire and awaken your heart so we all RISE as love and co-create the more beautiful world we know is possible right here, right now. Diving into powerful topics like truth, sex, death, money, power, and play.

After several years and recording 100s of conversations under the name ‘Simon on The Sofa’ I decided the cycle was complete. However, my burning passion for transformational conversations was not, so I launched a new podcast under the umbrella Simon Transparently. I hope you enjoy.

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Below are just a few featured podcast.

Featured Episodes

Charles Eisenstein Episode 28
Charles Eisenstein – The Show, The Lie, The Matrix Is The Creation Of All Of Us. Every Part Of Me Has A Divine Purpose. One Of The Most Serious Warning Signs Of A Society In Deep Crisis Is That People Can’t Laugh Together Anymore…
Mareen Scholl – The way I am in contact with myself tells me a lot about how I connect with other people and the world outside. Integrity is the key word in my life. The power of transparency and sharing our insecurities creates authentic connection. Mareen is a somatic researcher with a focus on Sexological Bodywork, Pantarei, holistic bodywork, massage and kinky sexwork. Mareen accompanies people in differentiated spaces on different levels of their joyful and meaningful being….
Dar Pan – Death is always followed by rebirth. Take a quantum leap into non-dual awareness. We all have front row seats to the most extraordinary show ever happened for human consciousness. Listen to your intuition as your eyes open. Darpan weaves 30 years of experience in music, healing, and the shamanic arts to create a unique transmission that inspires, enlivens and transforms…
Aurika Valan – Becoming an intimacy coach wasn’t exactly on my “When I grow up I wanna be…” list. Sexuality is not just about pleasure, it’s about totality. Aurika transparently shares her story transformation into celebrating her wild nature while supporting and educating women to awaken their sexuality. Aurika helps women who struggle with lack of sexual desire, unfulfilling pleasure & disconnection from their femininity to activate their luscious sexuality, reclaim their aliveness & lead extraordinary lives…
Aaron Kleinerman – Why am I fucking here? The key to awakening is to utilise life as school. Take full responsibility for yourself. It hurts trying to be somebody else. Aaron Kleinerman Transformational Sex and Relationship Coach dedicated to helping you get through the inner chaos of life and awaken to your true authentic power….
Ilan Stephani – We are scared by the topic of trauma because we are traumatised. To learn to orgasm we must be ready to die. Whatever I feel driven to share, comes from the dark nights, the wounding, the trauma. Ilan Stephani is a Berlin-based bestselling author and researcher about how to shift collective paradigms, un-learn cultural conditioning and gain back our natural orgasmic aliveness…

Living In The Gift

These podcasts are given from love in the spirit of the Gift Economy. That means you get to receive all the value they offer you and if you choose, feel into your heart, and decide what you can give from your heart to mine. I trust in the circulation of the unconditional giving chain of reciprocity. It requires a lot of energy, trust, and dedication to courageously show up in this way. The gift is an unfamiliar although ancient, language and the basis on which community can and will thrive. I am aware it requires unlearning and re-educating on the power and potency of living in The Gift. I live by the motto: The more I give, the more I’ve got to give.

You can contribute through the Gift page. You can also benefit and support the dream by joining our epic online community, The Be Love Tribe.

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