Sovereign Men

Activate your Sexual Energy

Let us come together as Men

In ancient traditions, all over the world, Men’s gatherings were an essential component for growth, healing, empowerment and creative expression.Most of us in today’s western culture, unless we were very lucky, lacked any real education about sex, love, emotional maturity or intimacy and very rarely any guidance in honouring man and woman’s sacredness.

Sovereign Men – 1 Day Online Gathering

Saturdays – 10:00 CEST – 18:00 CEST
€88 Adjustable Gift

Sat 25th Sept 2021

May this journey give you the medicine you need to nourish and awaken your life force.

Through this solo self-pleasure practice, we can uncover the blocks, wounds and past traumatic blueprints that hold us back from truly loving ourselves and all of life.

Self-Love is a (R)Evolutionary Act. Period.

With dedication we can reveal our ability to know and manifest our higher visions in life.

By awakening and cultivating our life force energy we expand our capacity to express this energy in creative and constructive ways. We literally become energy alchemists.

We take full responsibility for our divine state of being and rise as sovereign leaders in service to the vision of a new humanity birthed from the foundation of sovereignty, sacredness and solidarity.

A humble, comfortable brave space for men to feel a sense of safety, to feel supported and held and willing to go into the uncomfortable and vulnerable places within.

To have honest transparent meaningful conversations.

To be seen by their fellow brothers/bristas (the brother and sister within)

To reveal themselves fully and allow their true self to be seen (the so called good, bad and ugly)


Every Male bodied being with penis identifying as man.
Men who want to claim back their power and open as love.
Men who want to learn how sacred sexuality can awaken and liberate.
Men who want to deepen their understanding of their masculine and feminine qualities. 
Men who want to become sovereign role models for the next generations.
Men/Fathers who want to re-educate their children about conscious sex education.
Men who want to deepen their bonds with other men.
Men who want to become greater conscious lovers.
Men who want to have fun, play and celebrate existence.

Bring your presence and a willingness to interrupt conditioned patterns and face yourself courageously.

Prepare your space for the day, clean the room (your temple) for your own comfort.
Have at least the area of a yoga mat, to be able to move your body freely, stand up and lay down.

You can use your bed for some of the practices, but I invite you to use a different space than where you usually self-pleasure.

A towel/sarong
A journal (writing pad / paper)
Oil (I prefer coconut oil, but you choose)
Blindfold (or small scarf to cover your eyes)
Speaker that can be connected to your computer (optional)

When our sexual energy is free, we’re FREE.

No one can control us.

We know what we need, what we want, and what’s real. We trust ourselves. We trust our senses. We trust our power.


Sovereign Men is an invitation to reclaim our powerful ecstatic life force energy and free ourselves from the ignorance and shame of past conditioning.



Simon is a sacred clown, passionate about all beings awakening as LOVE. He is inspired and motivated by the human potential and what is possible when we realise who we truly are beyond the false sense of ‘I’ – As we realise this potential, take radical responsibility, love ourselves fiercely and claim our sovereign power, a shift occurs mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Awareness brings us to wholeness and playfulness is the outcome.

An author, communicator, supporter, intuitive bodyworker, sex educator & manifesting generator in service to the more beautiful world that is possible right here, right now. A world which embraces co-existence and co-creation over domination and exploitation.

Dedicated to sharing love through a medley of books, his online community The Be Love Tribe, on and offline trainings, retreats, festivals, podcasts and mentoring.

By living transparently, he evokes you to do the same.